The success of the three farm books caught the attention of residents  of Clermont and Independence, Iowa, who asked if I would create books for their towns.  I said yes, and decided that with enough writers working for three full days we could produce a little book for each town.  Subsequently invitations came from Lanesboro, Minnesota; the Amana Colonies; Ft. Dodge, Iowa; the Franklin-Gateway neighborhood of Waterloo, Iowa; Marshfield, Wisconsin; Tucumcari and Santa Fe, New Mexico

Communities that participate in this process capture their heritage in the written word, in book form, for posterity.  By doing this they are describing who they are, where they have come from, where they might go.  Their history becomes an added source of pride for their children and grandchildren.


The R.J. McElroy Trust commissioned this book written by residents of the Franklin-Gateway neighborhood of Waterloo, Iowa.





The Amana Colonies were a cooperative society that existed from the mid-19th century until the advent of the telephone and other modern devices drew youth away. Few descendants of the original colonists remain, but the seven Amana villages remain healthy and vibrant.




This was our first town book, written during three consecutive Saturdays, commissioned by Clermont’s business club.  A small, charming village of brick stores, Clermont lies in a beautiful valley alongside the Turkey River.




This was our second town book, commissioned by two residents. Participants wrote it over three Saturdays.

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