Our Workshops Span USA

Free River Press books have been produced for 28 years, the product of writing workshops conducted across the country.

Free River Press director Robert Wolf has combined his itch to travel and desire to meet figures representative of America’s regions by discovering venues for his workshops.

Wanting to create a portrait of the southwest has led to workshops:
—in a ranch house in Channing, Texas for cowboys and their wives;
—at the Pueblo of Pojoaque in Pojoaque, New Mexico;
—at the Mary Louise Gonzales Senior Center in Santa Fe for Hispanics from mountain villages;
—in a converted schoolhouse in Nara Visa, New Mexico for ranching families.

We created a portrait of the Driftless region of the Upper Midwest with workshops:
—in an Iowa farm house;
—in small town libraries in Iowa, Wisconsin, and Minnesota;
—at colleges in Illinois and Iowa;
—in private homes in Iowa and Minnesota.

We created a portrait of the Mississippi Delta with workshops:
—at The Delta Cultural Center, Helena, Arkansas;
—at a home in Dyersburg, Tennessee;
—at the Stax Museum in Memphis;
—in MATTHEW 25, a homeless shelter, in Nashville;
—and with memoirs by Delta farmers.

We also began a volume titled Big City with workshops:
— at Riverside Church in New York City;
—at a foundation in Teaneck, New Jersey;
—and in the board room of a Chicago, public relations firm.

Our work continues.