Our Workshops Span USA

Free River Press  conducts writing workshops across the country— in New Mexico, Texas, Arkansas, Chicago, New York,Tennessee, New Jersey,  Iowa, Wisconsin, Minnesota.

Ww have created a portrait of the southwest has led to workshops

in a ranch house in Channing, Texas for cowboys and their wives;—at the Pueblo of Pojoaque in Pojoaque, New Mexico;
—at the Mary Louise Gonzales Senior Center in Santa Fe for Hispanics from mountain villages;
—in a converted schoolhouse in Nara Visa, New Mexico for ranching families.

We created a portrait of the Driftless region of the Upper Midwest with workshops:
—in an Iowa farm house;
—in small town libraries in Iowa, Wisconsin, and Minnesota;
—at cois and Iowa;
—in private homes in Iowa and Minnesota.

We created a portrait of the Mississippi Delta with workshops:
—at The Delta Cultural Center, Helena, Arkansas;
—at a home in Dyersburg, Tennessee;
—at the Stax Museum in Memphis;
—in MATTHEW 25, a homeless shelter, in Nashville;
—and with memoirs by Delta farmers.

We also began a volume titled Big City with workshops:
— at Riverside Church in New York City;
—at a foundation in Teaneck, New Jersey;
—and in the board room of a Chicago, public relations firm.

Our work continues.