INTERVIEWS ARE ARRANGED BY BOOK AND TOPIC                                              

FARM WRITING WORKSHOP                                                                                      

Morning Edition 1992. Story on Voices from the Land 


All Things Considered  1990. Story on workshop for the homeless.

McMurray College  2012.  Story and interview on local radio.

BUILDING THE AGRICULTURAL CITY                                                                          

Iowa Public Radio, River to River  2017.                                                                             

Spirit in Action/Northern Spirit Radio  2017

Rootstock Radio: Rural Renewal With Robert Wolf  2017.\

After Hours with Rick Kogan,  2017.  WGN Radio 2017  

IN SEARCH OF AMERICA                                                                                                    

After Hours with Rick Kogan, WGN, Chicago August 5, 2015.                            

ArtBeat with Kathryn Davis on KVSF, Santa Fe 2015          

FREE RIVER PRESS VALUES                                                                                               

The Only Love Project