Praise for Writing Workshops

                       Passing the Word

“Thank you for an inspiring, energizing, and intellectually stimulating three day workshop. For myself, someone who loves fruits and vegetables, it was like having access to all my favorites over a three day period. I felt nurtured and stimulated, and the exercises you assigned really helped to move and shape my writing at a time when I’m ready to write on a more consistent basis . . .”—Regina Arnold, Ph.D., Associate Academic Dean, Sarah Lawrence College

“Bob Wolf’s approach to oral history is unique . . . . His work is more than a lame.. nt, it is a battle cry.” — Studs Terkel

“This project could’ve gone awry in so many ways (as experiments often do). Your flexibility and steady hand kept us on track.  It was wonderful, also, to watch a master at work at his craft.  I’m in awe, actually, so much impressed with the experience and skill it takes to do a good job at running a workshop of this kind.  You’ve made many friends here, so we hope that you’ll consider us a home-away-from-home whenever you’re in the neighborhood and in need of a bed or at least a watering hole.” — Georgette Frazier, Organizer, Marshfield Wisconsin Writing Workshop

‘Wolf hears America singing by recording poems and essays by the homeless, farmers, commune inhabitants, and residents of small river towns, the most common and least represented element in our urban, urbane culture. What weaves these pieces together is a sense of sadness and nostalgia because a way of life is disappearing.”   –Kirkus Reviews

“Not unlike the fictional character in the Broadway musical, The Music Man, Bob Wolf has also traveled from town to town, encouraging people to express themselves, writing their chapter of the American story.” — CBS Sunday Morning